Since its creation, the Parcours Saint-Germain's mission has been to bring together the inhabitants, users and shops of the famous district around a cultural event contributing to the influence of contemporary art. Each year, the Parcours creates a walk through twenty or so selected places, involving the historical heritage of Saint-Germain-des-Prés by inviting artists to express themselves in the partner places. This is how we were able to discover Annette Messager, Céleste Boursier Mougenot, Claude Lévêque, Erwin Wurm, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Valerie Belin, Fabrice Hyber, Michael Lin and so many others in the windows of the biggest luxury fashion labels

like Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Sonia Rykiel, Dior, Céline... But also at the Deux Magots, the Café de Flore and in public places. From shop windows to café terraces, the Parcours Saint-Germain offers the possibility of encountering contemporary artistic creation in the very midst of living environments, where one would not expect to find it. The event thus perpetuates the long tradition that has made Saint-Germain-des-Prés one of the symbols of Parisian cultural life.


Pour son vingtième anniversaire, le Parcours Saint Germain est heureux de présenter un ouvrage retraçant les différentes éditions thématiques de la manifestation depuis sa création en 2000 par Anne Pierre d’Albis-Ganem.

Le livre est disponible à la librairie du Palais de Tokyo ainsi qu’en ligne sur notre plate-forme.

The Parcours Saint-Germain celebrates its 20th anniversary!

Putting art in shops? It was a daring gamble... For 20 years now, the Parcours Saint-Germain has been animating the district annually. At the time, contemporary art and luxury are two worlds that have little in common. A few collaborations between Hermes and artists such as Sol Lewitt for the famous scarves, a foundation opened by Cartier, under the impetus of César, best friend of the head of the house...

La première édition du Parcours a lieu en avril 2000. Alain Bublex installe un Algéco de chantier sur la place St Germain, des plots, des sacs de sable… les habitants sont médusés et se demandent ce qu’il se passe : ils had experienced the

the disappearance of the Drugstore, their cobblers and bakeries, Christian Dior dared to set up shop in the place of the Divan bookshop... The district was on the move.

Since then, the Parcours has evolved, as has the link between art and fashion, which is now obvious. Today, Jeff Koons creates entire collections for Louis Vuitton, Celine supports the John Giorno exhibition... All the big names in the luxury industry work with art, through one-off actions or the opening of dedicated foundations.
Les marques profitent du Parcours pour s’associer à un nouvel artiste, ou mettre en valeur des collaborations qui leurs sont chères.

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