10 Jan 2023


All Day


Join us for a day trip to Lille with Victoria Mendrzyk.

Visit two exhibitions at the LaM (Lille Metropole Museum of Modern Art, Contemporary Art and Art Brut): Étienne Chambaud and ‘Chercher l’or du temps: Surréalisme, art naturel, art brut, art magique’; discover the Villa Cavrois, the emblematic achievement of architect Mallet-Stevens, recently restored; and explore the collections of La Piscine – an art déco swimming pool turned into a renowned modern art museum.

9.00 am : Eurostar from London to Lille. Arrival at 11h28

12pm : LaM (Lille Métropole Musée d’art moderne, d’art contemporain et d’art brut) – Visit of Etienne Chambaud exhibition ‘Lâme’ with the curator Grégoire Prangé. The young artist plays on the French word ‘Lâme’, which is the name of the museum, the soul (L’Âme) and the ‘lame’, the blade in French.

1pm : LaM – Visit of ‘Chercher l’Or du Temps : Surréalisme, art naturel, art magique’ – This exhibition provides a crossed reading between two major modern art mouvements : surrealism and art brut.

2pm : lunch

3:15pm : Guided tour of the Villa Cavrois – The Villa Cavrois is one of the most famous realisations of modern architecture in France. A true Art Deco mansion combining a classical conception and modernist aesthetics, this monument is one of the rare examples of the preserved constructions of the great architect Robert Mallet-Stevens in France, and undoubtedly his most accomplished in France

4:30pm : Guided tour of La Piscine – The one that was called the most beautiful swimming pool in France has become a unique and exceptional museum, thanks to the architect Jean-Paul Philippon. The sculptures have been placed in the middle of the pool, and the shower cubicles have become exhibition showcases. The museum gathers collections of fine arts, applied arts and textiles, constituted throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.

7pm Early Dinner

9:35 pm: Eurostar from Lille to London


Please be aware that you will need to book your own train tickets for this trip. 

There is an organisation fee for this trip.


Image: Villa Cavrois by Robert Mallet-Stevens, 1932


Lille, France
Lille, France


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